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Frequently Asked Questions

1) How do book a Ticket on the RegionAir Charter flight?

The Regionair Charter flight is not available to the general public, it is only accessible to existing charter clients. If you represent a sizeable company operating in the oil and gas industry in West Africa and would like to make use of our services please complete an application form.  

2) I have sent through an Application Form now what?

If you have already completed an application form please wait for further correspondence from RegionAir we will contact you shortly with regards to the success of your application and issue you with your unique user-name and password for access to our travel managers website. If you have not received any further correspondence from Regionair with in 48 working hours of the completion of your application form please contact us at reservations@regionair.aero.

3) I have been granted a unique user name and password as a charter client and I now what to book a flight, what do I have to do? 

We have created a short instructional video to help you through the booking process,

4) I have made a booking but my invoice shows that the booking is pending what must I do?

Once you have completed your booking a RegionAir representative will contact you via email or telephone to confirm the booking and the validity of the purchase order number, once confirmed directly with the nominated travel manger, your booking will be updated to a reserved status. You will be notified of this change via email.

5) I have not been notified that my booking has been reserved?

If you have successfully completed a booking through the Regionair Travel Manger site and have not received confirmation that your pending booking has been "reserved" with in 24 hours, please contact us at reservations@regionair.aero

If you have any furhter questions please contact our support desk at reservations@regionair.aero